Become a SuperLearner - The MasterClass

Become a SuperLearner - The MasterClass

Lecture 1 - About Us and how this course came to be

About us: how this course came to be
Become a SuperLearner Facebook Group
Become a SuperLearner Facebook Fan Page
Become a SuperLearner: The Official Book
Becoming SuperHuman
The Key To Study Skills
KeyToStudy Blog

Lecture 3 - Progressive overload and what to do if you get frustrated

Progressive Overload: Wikipedia
The Pomodoro Technique
Avoiding Headaches
What if Schools Taught Us How to Learn?
An Interview w/ Memory Champ Nelson Dellis
TEDx - Benny Lewis - Fluent in Three Months - Rapid Language Hacking
Teen Speaks Over 20 Languages
How to become a Memory Master: Idriz Zogaj at TEDxGoteborg
Tim Ferriss: Smash fear, learn anything | Video on
The Art of Learning: An Inner Journey to Optimal Performance

Lecture 4 - Personal Goals and Progress Worksheet

Personal Goals and Progress Worksheet

Lecture 5 - Diagnostic Worksheet 1: Establish a baseline reading speed and retention

Reading Diagnostic Worksheet 1

Lecture 8 - How we store information: a very brief explanation

How Your Brain Works
The Ageing Brain: Neuroplasticity and the Ageing Brain
Malcolm Knowles, Informal adult education, self-direction and andragogy
Short Term Memory
What Your Working Memory Does (and how to give it a tune up)
What are the differences between long term, short term, and working memory?
What is the memory capacity of the human brain?
Peter Doolittle – How your working memory makes sense of the world

Lecture 9 - Chunking: Navigating the brain’s natural limitations

The Magical Number, 7 Plus or Minus 2
Improve Your Memory with The Chunking Technique
Chunking (psychology)
How can we enhance working memory?

Lecture 10 - Demonstration: Chunking

STVM Exercise
20 Random Word Generator

Lecture 12 - Dual coding and ‘brute force’ learning

Working Memory and Dual coding
Dual coding explained

Lecture 14 - Why images are the most powerful way to remember and learn

An Interview with Harry Lorayne, the Godfather of Modern Mnemonics!
Joshua Foer: Feats of memory anyone can do | Video on
How to Train Your Brain and Boost Your Memory Like a Memory Cham
Moonwalking with Einstein, The Art and Science of Remembering
Picture superiority effect
The art of memory: Daniel Kilov at TEDxMacquarieUniver
Podcast Interview with Your 3 Instructors

Lecture 15 - When and why creativity training may be necessary

Creativity 101: The Power of multiple perspectives

Lecture 19 - Creating effective markers for better memory

The Short Term Memory Checker
The Random Images Generator
Tag Cloud Generator

Lecture 21 - Trying out your new skills

creating visual markers

Lecture 24 - Demonstration: Putting it all together with written texts

Practice linking markers
Practice linking and memorizing words

Lecture 26 - Introducing the SQ3R System

SQ3R System
Creativity and Perspectives

Lecture 31 - Diagnostic Worksheet 2: Establish a new reading speed and retention

Complete Reading Diagnostic Worksheet 2

Lecture 33 - How most people read: subvocalization

It takes just 13 milliseconds to recognize an image, scientists discover

Lecture 34 - Saccades: using your eyes as effectively as possible

Camera Mind Game

Lecture 35 - Improving your eye span: wider saccades

Schultz Table Exercises
Advanced Schultz Table Exercises

Lecture 36 - Using saccades across various devices and media

Chrome Web Store

Lecture 37 - Final thoughts on saccades

Level 2 Short Term Memory Game
this article

Lecture 38 - Demonstration: Saccades in action

Multicolumn saccade formatter

Lecture 40 - Progressive Overload Revisited: Training at the speed you wish to

Spreeder software
Sliding Word utility
Acceleread for iOS
Speed Reader for Android
Free Speed Reading Test

Lecture 43 - Demonstration: Creating markers while speed reading

Prof. Anna Explains How the Map of Prereading Aids Recall, Too

Lecture 44 - Text structure and marker hierarchy

Prof. Anna Explains What to do with Seemingly Useless Information

Lecture 49 - Diagnostic Worksheet 3: Establish an after reading speed and retention

Reading Diagnostic Worksheet 3

Lecture 58 - Using Spaced Repetition to Help Us Maintain Memories

The Leitner System
Download and configure Anki
An Interview with Peter C. Brown, Author of Make It Stick

Lecture 49 - Mind Mapping

FreeMind Mind-Mapping Software
MindNode for iPhone and iPad
SimpleMind for Android
How to Mind Map: Beginner’s Guide
Learn the Skill of Effective Mind Mapping | Udemy

Lecture 50 - Memory Palaces

Anthony Metivier Interview: How to Remember Everything
Moonwalking with Einstein, The Art and Science of Remembering
Dramatically Improve Your Memory with a Memory Palace
Free video series memory kit from Dr. Anthony Metivier
List of Anthony Metivier’s Books

Lecture 51 - Number memorization systems

Remember Any Number With the Major Memory System
How to Train Your Brain and Boost Your Memory Like a Memory Champ

Lecture 53 - Sleeping and learning: Why sleep is so crucial

How to Supercharge Your Sleep: Nick Littlehales, Elite Sleep Coach
Dr. Kirk Parsley on how to improve your sleep quality
Sleep Drives Metabolite Clearance from the Adult Brain
Russell Foster: Why do we sleep?
Effect of caffeine on memory - Wikipedia
How Long to Nap for the Biggest Brain Benefits
Sleep Hacking: Have More Energy, Spend Less Time in Bed by Scott Britton

Lecture 54 - The proper learning environment

Lighting affects students' concentration positively
Studies Show Glucose and Oxygen Help Brain
Improving on the $22 IKEA Desk
Why Sitting is Killing You
Oxygen administration enhances memory formation in healthy young adults
Bright light effects on memory, attention and concentration
Mack’s Silicone Earplugs
Bose Noise Cancelling Headphones

Lecture 56 - SuperLearning by video or audio

MySpeed by Enounce
YouTube HTML5 Trial
Stitcher for Android Audiobooks

Lecture 57 - Tailoring the skills: Learning languages

Interview w/ Benny Lewis (Fluent in 3 Months)
Learn the vocabulary of any language | Udemy
Fluent in 3 Months Blog
Learn a language fast and efficiently - The Tower of Babelfish
Anki: What it is, how to use it (to learn a language)

Lecture 60: Upgrade to the MasterClass to Continue Your Journey!

Upgrade to the MasterClass (Credit your past purchase using this link)
Upgrade to the Learning + Productivity MasterClass Bundle (Credit your past purchase using this link)